Happy Tails

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We absolutely love to hear how our dogs are doing in their forever homes! Nothing makes us smile bigger than seeing the dogs we have cared for now happy and healthy in loving homes! The dogs below are just a few of the most recent updates we have received from adopters! If you’d like to share your "Happy Tail from Home," just click here to send it in!

Jackson is such a lovable big guy

We adopted Jackson 14 months ago.He is the most affectionate dog , he loves to be close to use. He has completely stolen our hearts.We are so thankful we have him. He is such an important part of our family.

Penelope is such a blessing to us!

We adopted Penelope two years ago. We knew we wanted a dog, but she is so much more than just a dog! She’s part of the family and gives SO much love it’s hard to wrap our heads around it. In April she got a sister from another rescue. She spends her days playing and […]

The Sweetest Pup

Winston (formerly known as Dallas) has officially been with us for 3 months now! He made himself right at home. We are learning more about him every day. He loves to ride in the car and go on adventures with the family. He plays as hard as an old dog can with his new toys. […]

Best Friends for Life

I adopted Scuff, now named Theo, in March of 2017 and it was one of the best decisions in my life. He has brought so much happiness, laughter and unconditional love into my life that only dogs know how to do. He is such a goofball and is always ready to learn new tricks for […]

Phoenix at his forever home!!

Phoenix has made himself right at home! Car rides, exploring his new backyard and snoring on the couch! I will send a family photo when everyone is actually home!!

Tyson enjoyed a good life

We adopted Tyson from It Takes A Village Rescue a few years ago and gave him the best life we could. Unfortunately, Tyson recently became very ill and we had to help him to the Rainbow Bridge last night. Just wanted to let you all know that we enjoyed working with this rescue and we […]

Rocky has found his new best friend!

After a kidney/pancreas transplant in Feb…and no longer being a diabetic for the last 32 years of my life…Rocky is here to help look over my little girl and show her what a dedicated best friend will be.

Adventures of Dash!

Our family has had Dash for almost 2 min the now. It was a rough start with a rare illness he developed but he has now overcome that and is back to his not Lr all happy playful self! We love him and he loves us. He follows the kids everywhere and is just a […]

We love our Zoe girl!

Josh got Zoey right before Christmas in 2018, so we have had her well over a year now. The first couple of nights were a bit tough. She’s got a lot of anxiety like us, but she warmed up quickly and made herself right at home. We seriously couldn’t imagine life without her! She is […]

Hippo is amazing

We signed up 3 years ago to foster and ended up adopting hippo and we couldn’t imagine life without her.