Happy Tails

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We absolutely love to hear how our dogs are doing in their forever homes! Nothing makes us smile bigger than seeing the dogs we have cared for now happy and healthy in loving homes! The dogs below are just a few of the most recent updates we have received from adopters! If you’d like to share your "Happy Tail from Home," just click here to send it in!

Rocky has found his new best friend!

After a kidney/pancreas transplant in Feb…and no longer being a diabetic for the last 32 years of my life…Rocky is here to help look over my little girl and show her what a dedicated best friend will be.

Adventures of Dash!

Our family has had Dash for almost 2 min the now. It was a rough start with a rare illness he developed but he has now overcome that and is back to his not Lr all happy playful self! We love him and he loves us. He follows the kids everywhere and is just a […]

We love our Zoe girl!

Josh got Zoey right before Christmas in 2018, so we have had her well over a year now. The first couple of nights were a bit tough. She’s got a lot of anxiety like us, but she warmed up quickly and made herself right at home. We seriously couldn’t imagine life without her! She is […]

Hippo is amazing

We signed up 3 years ago to foster and ended up adopting hippo and we couldn’t imagine life without her.

Milo (Puff) has brought so much joy to our other dog Asher

We went into ITV looking to foster and came out adopting an 8 week old husky named Puff (we renamed him Milo). We had talked about adopting a puppy at sole point as a companion for our other dog since hes been acting lonely and depressed. Milo has truly been a blessing to Asher and […]

Tito grew into Wrex

Adopted Tito as my first dog I’d had since I joined the Army in 2006. For personal reasons I changed his name to Wrex. Had him for almost 3 years now, and he’s my best buddy. I wanted to do more for other dogs, so he’s encouraged me to foster repeatedly with ITV. Thanks for […]

Milo is my spirit animal.

First I want to thank ITV for all you do. I have been hesitant with dogs since an incident when I was younger. Our son is allergic to most dogs but through trial and error of being around different breads we found that pitties where safe for him. Before we could get a dog we […]

Carl has the sweetest most spunky personality!!

Carl is our 4th from ITV and he fits in perfect with our chihuahua pack! The other boys took him so fast and he gives them a run for their money! He’s snuggley, full of energy and full of love! We love him to pieces!! Dexter in the back, Carl to the left, Tucker front […]

Igloo has been a blessing

We have a 14 year old lab who had a best friend (a little chi mix) next door who she seen almost every day. While her owner was coming over to our house one afternoon he failed to put him on a leash and he was killed while chasing a car. My lab went into […]