Happy Tails

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We absolutely love to hear how our dogs are doing in their forever homes! Nothing makes us smile bigger than seeing the dogs we have cared for now happy and healthy in loving homes! The dogs below are just a few of the most recent updates we have received from adopters! If you’d like to share your "Happy Tail from Home," just click here to send it in!

Lilo loves her new brothers and sisters! ❤

We adopted Joy the Chihuahua (renamed Lilo) at the end of June 2018 and she has become our little baby! Our sheltie Petey was so happy to have a new friend to play and cuddle with. We couldn’t imagine a life without our sweet baby Lilo and that’s all thanks to ITV.

Zelda is now Remi!

Since having her, we have changed Zelda’s name in to Remi, and she is growing in to quite the spoiled princess! She has her daddy wrapped around her finger. She also loves to chase after her big Great Dane/mastiff big brother! We could not imagine our lives without her.

Morpheus is doing great!

Morpheus is doing very well. We couldn’t be happier. His little cat brother has even gotten used to him. He is perfect.

Nibbs is the perfect fit!

We have had Nibbs for three years, now. He is roughly 75 pounds but he believes he is a lap dog. He even enjoys wearing sweaters and cute collars or handkerchiefs. The day we met him, he climbed right in my husband’s lap and into our hearts. He’s the most loveable and tolerable dog I’ve […]

Lucy (aka Alaina or Mamma)

Lucy’s doing great so far! She has definitely come out of her shell at home, and we’re working on adjusting to being around other dogs and people, too. She loves cuddles, chicken treats, and playing chase. She is a constant surprise with what she can learn and do!

I am so happy to have found Maverick

We just celebrated Mav’s 5th birthday in October! He has adjusted so well to his new home and I don’t know how I got along before I met this sweet boy.

Bravo(Liam) is lovin’ life!

We have had Bravo, formerly Liam, for almost a year now. He just celebrated his one year birthday last month. He has grown into a very big boy. He is very happy boy and is best friends with previous ITV rescue, Jules!

Cooper LeRoy

We are so thankful for you guys! We are so in love with our baby boy! We were just looking around, and could not turn him down! I can not believe that we got approved so quickly, and we got to take our baby boy home shortly after. We are looking forward to being his […]