We do have a short application process if you’re interested in one of our dogs! It includes filling out an adoption application and adopter’s agreement (found HERE) and getting it approved before you can meet the dog(s) of your choice! Once we receive your application, we will look over it and check your references. If everything looks good, we will let you know that your application is approved and contact you to officially set up a time to visit the dog(s) you are interested in!

The adoption fee varies with each dog.  Generally, however, the adoption fee is $150 for large adults and $175 for small dogs and puppies.  Adult dogs receive spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip and heartworm test.  Puppies receive spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip and de-worming.  The vetting and medical treatment may vary depending on the dog.  We do our best to ensure the health of each ITV dog, although we can not guarantee the complete health of every dog.

ITV may contact you for more information about any part of your application if we feel something is unclear or have a concern. Please realize that many times your application may be denied for a particular dog simply because your home or current lifestyle is not the best placement for the dog you are inquiring about. We hope you agree that the health and happiness of our dogs must come first! If, for some reason, your application is denied, we will explain. If we have a dog who we feel would be more appropriate for your current lifestyle and home, we will definitely suggest him/her to you for consideration!

If you are looking for a family pet but have certain requirements or a specific personality you are looking for, please feel free to email us for suggestions of dogs that would be the best fit in your home! ITV takes pride in getting to know each dog to the best of our ability through contact in the shelter, with foster homes, and at adoption events. If you choose to email us for suggestions, we do ask that you include a list of desires (age, breed, personality traits, training, etc) and a list of “deal breakers” (age, breed, personality traits, training, etc). Please feel free to contact us HERE or email us at ITVrescue@gmail.com!

If you are just looking for a wonderful family pet and want to see some of the dogs we have available for adoption, then feel free to stop by one of our adoption events! Information about future adoption events and other fundraisers can be found HERE! We can never guarantee the presence of a particular dog at our adoption events though, so if somebody in particular catches your eye, be sure to fill out an application and get it approved so that you are guaranteed to meet the dog of your choice in a timely manner!