Foster a Pet in Need

It Takes a Village Rescue, Inc. (ITV) relies primarily on volunteers and fosters to take care of animals in our care. This means that we could never do what we do without the assistance of our dedicated group of volunteers and foster homes! If you’re interested in fostering, we cannot thank you enough! It is because of wonderful families like yours that open their homes to beautiful animals that allow ITV to be so successful!

We generally hold our adult animals 10 days after we take them into the rescue to help ensure that they are healthy for the adopters.  We hold puppies and kittens 14 days and give them at least two puppy shots before we adopt them out.  We also try to help the harder to place animals.  We post our animals on our website, which feeds to many other 3rd party websites such as Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet.  We also post our animals on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Saturdays are big adoption days for ITV and we ask that foster families get your foster to the rescue center on Saturdays to give him/her exposure.  The more exposure your foster animal gets, the greater the chances of adoption into a forever home!

ITV Rescue will cover all the veterinary expenses as well as crates and any other supplies you will need.  If any vetting is necessary while a foster animal is in your care, ITV covers the costs as long as it is ITV that makes the appointment with our veterinarians. All of the ITV animals are altered, dewormed, and vaccinated while in their foster homes, and we do need fosters who are able and willing to work with scheduling! However, we completely understand that a vast majority of our foster families work, so transportation to appointments can be arranged. Because of our limited resources, many foster homes choose to further help the rescue by providing their own food or heartworm/flea prevention.  We will provide donated food, however, if requested by the foster.

If you believe that fostering sounds like fun, we would have to agree with you! Fostering sometimes has its hardships and saying goodbye to some of these animals we have welcomed into our homes is never easy. However, saving the lives of hundreds of animals and assisting them in finding their forever homes is more rewarding than words can describe!

If you’re interested in fostering, please fill out the fostering application! Along with your completed application, please include any breed, age, or behavior desires or restrictions so that the ITV can attempt to best match your home with the most appropriate animal! Although we cannot guarantee the house behavior of any of the animals that we pull from the shelter, we do our very best to place you with a foster animal that fits your lifestyle and household.



If you are wondering which animals are available for fostering, follow these steps:

  1. Go to available animals under the adoption tab of our website. CLICK HERE!
  2. If you see “adopt” under the photo, the animal already has a foster family and is only available for adoption.
  3. If you see “foster” under the photo, the animal needs a foster family.
  4. If you see “adopt” and “foster” under the photo, the animal needs either a foster or adopter.
  5. Alternatively, you can come to either ITV Rescue Center during open hours and see available animals.

View our foster handbook CLICK HERE!!

If you are on the fence about fostering, please check out this short video that may help you decide!  Millions of pets die in shelters every year and you can help be part of the solution!

“Saving one animal will not change the world, but surely for that one animal, the world will change forever.”

Karen Davidson