Our mission is “To work as one in helping homeless animals irrespective of breed, location or circumstance.” Although we do not discriminate based on breed, size or color, we have a particular interest in helping bully breeds, black dogs, dogs with medical needs and other “hard-to-place” dogs.  While we do sometimes help cats when we have cat fosters available, unfortunately, our facility is not big enough to accommodate cats.  As such, we are primarily a dog rescue.

We rescue animals no one else wants and who have no options left – animals that have been abused, abandoned or neglected.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, mostly volunteer,  NO-KILL, privately run rescue in Evansville, Indiana. We are a grassroots organization who relies on community members for volunteering and donating for the cause.  We do not receive any major grants or government funding and most of our donations are $500 or less.  Our mission is to provide a safe haven for abandoned dogs and to find permanent loving homes for them. With the support of our community, we opened our county’s only no-kill rescue center on July 21, 2012, which allowed us to increase our adoptions by 30% in just our first year.  Since then, we have helped over 3000 animals find loving forever homes.  In 2017, we set a record for the most animals rescued in a year – we helped almost 800 animals in 2017!!

Our efforts have been recognized with a Reader’s Choice Award for the “Best Place to Adopt A Pet” for three years in a row.  We are proud that we did this on a “shoestring” budget and we rely primarily on volunteers to help us.

Further, we have many programs that help the community.  For example, we have partnered with the Academy of Innovative Studies (AIS) to have their at-risk students come to our rescue center to help care for dogs and teach then the value of community involvement.  We also work with various groups to partner homeless dogs with individuals who need service dogs.  We also serve as mentors for numerous students and community members completing their service projects. We are also at community events almost every week talking about our no-kill mission to help homeless dogs. Finally, we served as one of the founding members of the Animal Cruelty Task Force and the Evansville Partnership for Animal Welfare (EPAW).