Tangila Smith

Executive Director

Tangila first became involved with ITV by fostering dogs in 2011.  She was hooked after her first foster dog, a pitbull named Loula, who was adopted into a loving forever home.  Tangila became more active with ITV and eventually started working full-time, putting her heart and soul into saving dogs.  Tangila has a particular interest in helping pit bulls. Tangila is the proud mother of 3 children and 5 grandchildren. She shares her home with a Rottweiler, a Boxer and a Shih Tzu.

Tammy Schmitt

Board Chairperson

Tammy discovered the world of rescue after adopting 2 Boston puppies from what she later realized was likely a puppy mill. They were very, very sick with numerous problems. In her search for answers and support, she found the world of animal rescue. Since then, Tammy has been active with local and regional rescues joining ITV in 2016. She is a lover of all animals with a special affinity for dogs. This love for animals has lead her to work toward a vegan lifestyle (admittedly still a work in progress). Tammy works as a corporate attorney for the law firm of Manion Stigger, LLP and finds peace and rejuvenation by volunteering with the rescue on weekends. She shares her home with her 2 dogs: Mr. Coffee – mostly Rottie/Chow Chow/Boxer rescue; and Apollo Creed – Boxer/Staffie/Collie rescue (and only foster failure so far).

Terri Melton

Board Vice-President

Terri has been a regular volunteer for ITV for many years, always willing to help at community events and when there are dogs in need.  Terri always has a smile on her face and chips in whenever she is needed to help ITV.  Terri is a lifelong Evansville resident and she currently works at Uniseal.  She is devoted to her family and her rescued dog named Dot.

Emily Miles


Emily was born in St. Louis, MO but raised in Newburgh, IN.  She attended Castle High School and graduated from the University of Southern Indiana.  Emily has been employed at Deaconess Health Systems for 16 years, and is currently an IT Supervisor.  Dogs have always played an important role in Emily’s life.  Growing up she always had family dogs teaching her responsibility, loyalty, and love.  She has been a volunteer with It Takes A Village for many years participating in events and fostering many puppies.  Emily has two rescues of her own, Bailey and Wrigley.  She became a rescue and pitbull advocate when she adopted her first dog, Bailey, not knowing that she was a pitbull.  After she started growing it was obvious and Emily had a mission to become an advocate for the breed.  Wrigley was a foster that she just couldn’t let go and he became a full time member of her family.  Emily, her husband Jeff, and son Cameron welcome the rescue life into their home and love each dog as if they were their own.  Each rescue pup earns a picture spot on Emily’s “wall of dog” in her home.

Jasmine Brenda

Board Member

Jasmine has been part of the ITV family for 5 years. Having a soft spot for Pitbull type dogs, she fell in love with  Cassie. She became very close to her and would come spend time with her nearly every day for several years until she was adopted by an amazing family.   She has assisted in many ITV events, rescues and adoptions over the years.  She has been a hard worker and doesn’t mind helping out anywhere at the rescue. From jogging with dogs, to helping the kennel techs clean kennels, to answering phone calls, Jasmine will be there.  After graduating for the University of Southern Indiana, She adopted her very fist dog, Rajah.  She has been training Rajah to be her service dog. Jasmine and Rajah enjoy to go on adventures and will often times have several other pups to join in on the fun.

Madeline DeWeese

Board Member

After graduating from Indiana University, Madeline moved back to Evansville and began working. Madeline was looking for a hobby and had always been very passionate about dogs. She began fostering for ITV in February 2018. Madeline quickly fell in love with the rescue world and became active supporting ITV events and fundraisers. The first dog she adopted after graduating from college was an ITV foster named Cupid. Cupid had been shot with a hunting arrow and left in the woods. Despite how mistreated she was, she still loved people. After Madeline fostered and then adopted Cupid, she knew that she wanted to help as many dogs as she could. Madeline is currently employed at White Stallion Energy and she spends as many weekends as possible helping out at the rescue. If you stop by ITV and see any of the animals dressed up in a costume or cute sweater as they await their adoption day, you can almost guarantee Madeline is responsible!

LeAnn Robertson

Board Member, Volunteer Coordinator

LeAnn was born in Anderson, IN, moved to Indianapolis before relocating to Evansville in 2017.
After watching a story on the news about a severely injured pit bull named Lilly, LeAnn’s advocacy journey began. After Lilly’s abuser was found, LeAnn became deeply involved with advocacy, education and adoption of bully breeds. Working to strengthen the owner/pet relationship, low cost clinics were created giving owners access to low cost vaccines, microchips and spay/neuter options. More than 1000 owners took advantage of these services and kept many pets in loving homes.
Believing education is a top priority, LeAnn attended countless events from Ft. Wayne to Louisville over many years cultivating community relationships while providing information and resources to pet owners.
LeAnn loves all dogs (especially puppies!!) but bully breeds will forever be her passion.
LeAnn currently shares her home with her fiance and 2 American Staffordshire Terriers- Brenna, my foster failure and Macey, adopted from ITV and CGC certified.
LeAnn also serves as ITV’s volunteer coordinator and she can be reached at volunteers@itvrescue.org.

Jessa McCauley

Office Manager

Jessa McCauley earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Animal Ecology from Iowa State University before working as a zookeeper for 10 years at zoos on the West Coast and in the Midwest. Her favorite group of animals to work with were primates like chimpanzees and lemurs, but she has cared for everything from big cats and giraffes to kangaroos and venomous snakes. Her specialized animal care background drew her to fostering for ITV, where she especially enjoys working with neonates. Jessa lives in Newburgh with her husband, three children, and many pets.

Susan Gainey Odoyo

Attorney, Consultant and Co-Founder

Susan is one of the original founding members of ITV.  Susan started volunteering for Evansville Animal Control in the summer of 2010 after returning to her hometown of Evansville from Indianapolis.  Seeing the dire need to help animals in Evansville, Susan worked with a dedicated group of volunteers to formally form ITV in November 2010.  Susan has devoted her heart and soul to ITV since its inception.  Susan is a lawyer and helped form the Vanderburgh County Animal Cruelty Task Force.  She served as a volunteer Special Prosecutor for the task force from 2012-2015.  Susan successfully prosecuted numerous animal cruelty cases resulting in guilty pleas or convictions.  Susan is also one of the founding members of the Evansville Partnership for Animal Welfare (EPAW).

Susan has the unwavering support of her husband, Patrick. In 2017, Patrick was offered a job at a university in Orlando, Florida and he moved to Orlando. Susan stayed behind in Evansville for over a year to continue to help ITV.  In February 2018, Susan followed her husband.  However, Susan remains dedicated to the success of ITV, working remotely writing grants, promoting ITV and ITV’s homeless animals through social media, preparing ITV’s legal and tax requirements and helping with fundraiser events, as well as numerous other duties in support of ITV.  Susan also works as an attorney in Florida.

Over the years, Susan and Patrick have shared their home with countless foster dogs that have come and gone! At one point, they were proud guardians of 5 rescue dogs and a rescue horse in addition to regularly having foster dogs.  Susan and Patrick also passionately support an orphanage in Western Kenya, Patrick’s native country. Susan and Patrick are actively involved in numerous community organizations and are promoting ITV to supporters and potential donors in the Orlando area.  While there are no immediate plans to further expand ITV operations, Susan dreams of ITV one day being a national organization, much like Best Friends in Utah.

Andrea Will


Andrea has been active with ITV since our rescue center opened in 2012.  Andrea is former co-owner of Stockwell Inn, ITV’s neighbor. Andrea and her family are tremendous supporters and animal lovers. Andrea rescued a Boxer/Pitbull from ITV named Domino and recently said goodbye to her beloved senior dog named Daphne. Andrea helps does the cooking for ITV at fundraising events such as fall festival and the Gumbo Cookoff on Franklin Street. She also helps ITV with many other fundraising events.

Neal Anderson

Counsel to the Board of Directors

Commitment to a community can take many forms, and Neal Anderson’s commitment to Evansville and the Tri-State area shows in his decision to return to his hometown to start his family and his legal career.

As a native of Evansville, Neal attended Reitz Memorial High School and the University of Evansville, where he double-majored in Criminal Justice and Sociology. While at UE, he served as President of the Sociology Club and Secretary of the Criminal Justice Club, and was one of five students selected to present his senior research paper at the Undergraduate Research Conference at Butler University.

Helping to ensure the legal rights of individuals is important to Neal. While attending the University of South Dakota School of Law, he was actively involved in the Innocence Project of South Dakota, which is staffed by law students who volunteer to investigate claims of innocence raised by inmates at the South Dakota State Penitentiary. The investigation of these claims required review of trial records, interviews with inmates and counsel, and evaluation of evidence used to obtain the conviction. Neal’s work with this program helped to solidify the work ethic he exercises on behalf of his clients.

In the summers between his semesters at law school, Neal returned to Indiana to gain legal experience through internships. He had the honor of serving as summer intern clerk for the Honorable Richard L. Young, Federal District Court for the Southern District of Indiana. The following summer, he interned with the Honorable Melissa S. May, Indiana Court of Appeals, in Indianapolis. During his third year of law school, he was nominated by students and faculty to be the student representative on the Admissions Board for law school admissions.

Following the receipt of his law degree, Neal returned to his hometown and served the legal needs of the Tri-State as an associate attorney with Zoss Law Office for five years, practicing family law, personal injury law, criminal law, and small claims and collections. His experiences throughout law school and as a practicing attorney have helped to shape Neal’s determination to thoroughly represent his clients, and as a member of the Gerling Law team since 2014, he brings a renewed energy and focus to serving the people of Evansville in many capacities.

Neal is married to Melanie Anderson and has two children, Emma and Ethan, and two beloved Shih Tzus named Zoey and Lilly.  Neal, as an avid animal lover, is also a current Board member at It Takes a Village, Canine Rescue, located in Evansville, IN.