Happy Tails

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We absolutely love to hear how our dogs are doing in their forever homes! Nothing makes us smile bigger than seeing the dogs we have cared for now happy and healthy in loving homes! The dogs below are just a few of the most recent updates we have received from adopters! If you’d like to share your "Happy Tail from Home," just click here to send it in!

Dora is the perfect addition to our family!

When we adopted Dora she was timid and scared of everything. She is slowly but surely coming out of her shell, she is now energetic and goofy. She is now playful with not only us but her new best friend, our other dog Apollo. We are so thankful to have her in our lives and […]

Sage (formely known as Kandi)

Sage has made our family complete. She loves playing with her big brother and loves chewing on her buffalo horns. She is my little punkin and I’m so thankful that she is in our lives.


Heidi is doing well. The skin sensitivity & infection on her back have cleared up. However, her little paws still have infection and she limps from time to time. She is still on antibiotics and Dr. Yu says it is just going to take time. He is pleased with the progress she has made. Heidi […]

Caroline making herself at home

We have some indoor manners to learn, but this girl is the sweetest, most loving dog. Everyone seems to be getting along nicely!

Duchess is home!!

We adopted Duchess on 2/9/19 and she immediately became family. She has a great disposition and is very well behaved. She definitely is what our family needed. Thanks ITAV.

Toby (formerly known as Cade) is adjusting nicely!

Toby has been a great addition to our family and loves to get in his cuddle time with everyone. He and our 9 year old Golden Retriever mix have been getting along well, though they’ve had to work some things out as dogs do trying to figure out where they belong in the pack. Toby […]

Rascal (aka Rubble) makes my day everyday

went to ITV in November looking for a puppy and found rascal (rubble) he was one of 4 mixed puppies as i got close to the cage he came up to me and then i knew this was the little buddy i have been waiting for so thankful i got bored at home and came […]

Cupid’s comeback

Last year around this time, this sweet gal was shot with a hunting arrow and left wondering in the woods for weeks. Luckily, she was rescued by ITV and I was given the opportunity to foster her. You named her Cupid, and the name has stuck. I knew she was going to be a foster […]