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Tina and Mort sure are loved

Fostered Willow and her 8 newborns and ended up adopting this bonded pair (Maple and Ash) They are the sweetest cats in the world. We love them so much.

Broken Pelvis – Yet Big Spirit!

By chance, I saw Clover on Facebook. Her story said she was 6 weeks old, had been ran over, had a broken pelvis, and may face losing her one back leg. Her recovery would be extensive, and she would need a long-term foster while she healed. I knew she was meant for us! I went […]

“Spot” Selig, is the perfect match!

My dad decided he needed a dog – a little one that would keep him company while he watches TV everyday. Well, we went to ITV and found this little wonder! He crawled right up into Dad’s lap! That was all it took! We do not know much about him other than he doesn’t run […]

Finn Finds a Home

We adopted Finn (Hudson) a little over a month ago. We drove three hours down to Evansville from Indy to pick him up. On our way back we made a pitstop at IU and had a little Finn photoshoot. Finn now gets to go to work every day with his mom where he meets all […]

Mickey our BBD

In 2018 my girl friend went to get her eyebrows done but little did I know she would come back with a tiny puppy that we were going to “foster”. I instantly knew we were going to be foster fails because just like her I would take in every dog if I had the chance! […]

Gigi lost mother and siblings

Gigi the kitten was the only one left after a dog attack the mother and all of her siblings but we cannot keep her due to an injured dog that is already in our home and it is not allowed in an apartment where my daughter had been keeping her Gigi desperately needs a home

Doc Holiday completed us!💗🐾

My husband and I had recently got married in early 2017 and I had brought my two dogs into our marriage and he had his cat. Later that fall we had decided to add to our family, and what better way than to adopt a rescue dog! I’ve always been a beagle fan and at […]

Buddy Biggs(formally Dennison)

He is very Happy at his Forever home… Getting along with his new brother and sister😊 Buddy is a sweet and loving puppy!!! Thanks so much for letting us be his Mommy & Daddy!!!!

Update on Margot

I adopted Margot (initially named Lady) in February. She has been such a blessing to have around this year! She loves to play fetch, go on runs with mom, and meet with friends at the dog park! Margot just turned one earlier this month.