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Broken Pelvis – Yet Big Spirit!


by itvrescue


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By chance, I saw Clover on Facebook. Her story said she was 6 weeks old, had been ran over, had a broken pelvis, and may face losing her one back leg. Her recovery would be extensive, and she would need a long-term foster while she healed. I knew she was meant for us! I went the next day and picked her up after my application to foster was accepted. She was so tiny. She could only drag her affected leg behind her when she walked…her leg literally dangled from the knee down. For weeks. After doing some research…I learned most animals suffer nerve damage after being hit by a car and I needed to do phys therapy on her leg a few times a day to try to “wake up” that leg nerve. After 4 weeks she started to put some weight on her affect leg – Progress! After 7 weeks her paw “woke up” and she was able to walk correctly on the bad leg/foot! I have had her for 10 weeks now and she is running, jumping, and walking like nothing was ever wrong! I am so happy for her! She had a zest for life from day one and she never let her injury hold her back! Sometimes all we need is someone to give us a chance and to believe in us….that is what Clover aka Chloe needed! My heart goes out to injured pets as well as black and/or black and white pets as they seem to always get left behind. Chole has been a pure joy in the household! She immed took to the elder cat and the big dog…they all became fast friends! She was the perfect addition to the family as she taught us “down but not counted out”…we all have a comeback story if given a chance to grow! It doesn’t matter how you start…but how you finish in life! Thanks to It Takes A Villiage for helping her at her lowest moment!

Much Love!

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