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Finn Finds a Home


by itvrescue


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We adopted Finn (Hudson) a little over a month ago. We drove three hours down to Evansville from Indy to pick him up. On our way back we made a pitstop at IU and had a little Finn photoshoot. Finn now gets to go to work every day with his mom where he meets all kinds of people who adore him. He’s known as the “shop dog” and has his own special place in mom’s office to sleep and play during the day. Finny is an incredibly goofy pup and brings so much joy to our family with his funny expressions and curiosity about the world. Most recently he has been fascinated by our garden in the backyard and isn’t quite sure what to think about all the smells. He has weekly playdates with our older kid’s dogs where they chase each other and play around the house. Finn also falls asleep sprawled out on the couch when he gets home for the day and has the most adorable snore we’ve ever heard. We’ve been doing puppy training, which has helped us and Finn learn what we need to work on. Finn is on his way to being a well-trained little man! Finn has been an irreplaceable member of our family from the moment we brought him home and we can’t wait to see the wonderful dog he grows up to be!

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