Happy Tails

It was fate that brought us to Sadie Mae!


by itvrescue


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Sadie Mae joined our family a few weeks after losing my soul pet, Mr B. There was a void in all of our hearts, including our other dog, Rookie’s, that we knew could not be filled by anything other than saving another dog. It was fate that brought us to Sadie, and I now believe Mr B had picked her out for us long before he was gone.i often cry over Mister. I love him and miss him. On one particular day as I cried on my lunch break, I prayed for Mr to please send me a sign that he’s ok, that he’s watching me and that he understands why we got Sadie Mae. That night I was petting Miss Sadie Mae when I saw a small patch of about 5 white hairs on the top of her head. Mr had this exact same patch in the exact same spot. It was at that moment that I knew that Sadie Mae, with her beautiful Mister mark, was absolutely meant to join our family and that Mr B is absolutely watching over us and absolutely approves Miss Sadie Mae.

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