Happy Tails

Teeger, aka Aberdeen, has brought so much fun to our home.


by itvrescue


Teeger is so much fun and entertaining, she make us laugh on a daily basis. She was definitely what we needed! She really does have the best personality and we are so thankful to have her.

Jeremy & Malisha

I would just like to say thank you to those of you who took care of me while I was looking for my furever home. My humans are the best! They play fetch and soccer with me in our great big yard. I get treats if I listen, and man those treats are tasty, so I really try to listen. They get me toys to play with, I believe it’s so I won’t play with their socks, it doesn’t always work, their socks are so much fun to chew on that sometimes I can’t help myself. They think I’m funny when I chase my tail and pounce on stuff like a cat, I love to make them laugh! We go for car rides a lot and I have my own seat, the whole backseat is mine to look out the windows or lick on Jeremy. Don’t tell Malisha but he is my favorite. Don’t get me wrong Malisha and I do a lot of stuff together, she lets me lay on her, sleep with her, and play with her but, Jeremy is my bestest friend.
Thank you again
Teeger (aka Aberdeen)