Happy Tails

Dapper Dan and Mitzi’s first big vacation!


by itvrescue


Just over a year ago I was going through a divorce and, like a country song, the dog left too. I knew I needed a companion and wanted to start rescuing/adopting again so I went to It Takes A Village! Just a couple of days before a discounted adoption event I scrolled through the website and just became intrigued by a profile for a rat terrier named Tarrot, it didn’t even have a picture. Straight out of animal control as a stray!

I came by to see him and after one big kiss took him home as a foster, quickly knowing I was going to adopt him, and renaming him Dapper Dan. Less than a year later after moving and knowing he needed a companion, I saw an adorable puppy that had been abandoned named Sun Bear. I could just feel that she belonged and needed to be a part of our pack and adopted her the day she was available, renaming her Mitzi!

They have quickly become a bonded pair, are fantastic road dogs, and this week we are finally on our first big vacation to Ocean City, MD for the 1 year anniversary of Dapper Dan joining the family! He’s been camping a few times back in Indiana, but definitely seems to prefer the ocean side smells!