Our foster dog, hunter, who use to chew up things when in a kennel, now sleeps in a kennel at night, on his own. I don’t tell him to go into it, he just goes in curls up and waits for his bedtime snack. He’s in it most of the night without chewing or digging. Tonight I’ve shut the door, no latch, just to see how it will turn out. The next step is to see if he’ll stay in 1 while I’m “gone”. I won’t leave yet but he won’t know that. He’s so smart. He’s had picked up on how to play with other dogs, but prefers playing with the girls. He’s gonna be an awesome dog soon. Considering adopting him, so we know he has a happy home. He’ll be the third kid we’ve taken in from the rescue. All have been exceptional in their own way.