Happy Tails

June Bug


by itvrescue


We’ve had June Bug since April and we love this little girl with all our hearts.

When we first met June Bug at It Takes a Village what we met was the Tasmanian Devil herself but we weren’t leaving without this girl even though there were some reservations. But by the time we got home (a 3½ hour drive), introduced her to our other dogs and let her get situated she was on our laps within a few hours of being home.

She is such a cuddle bug, loves to lay on top us in the morning all stretched out like a cat to wish us good morning with kisses, and sits on our laps whenever she gets the chance. She loves her doggy brothers and even though she’ll give them “what for” occasionally they are all best buddies.

We are so happy we took the chance on June Bug, she has a very special place in our hearts.