Happy Tails

Leroy has settled in and is already so loved!


by itvrescue


We had been putting off getting a dog for a while, as we were waiting for the right time. Yesterday we finally decided the time was right so we went to Petsmart to see who was up for adoption that Sunday.

We looked at a few puppies, (we knew we wanted a younger dog) and when we asked our son his opinion he immediately pointed out Leroy.

Leroy seemed like such a sweet puppy, and got along well with all three of our kids. So we decided to take him home.
We are all in love with him. (And that includes my grumpy husband who was initially dragging his feet!) He’s the right dog for us, and we can tell that he was well loved and cared for by his foster family. We want to say a HUGE thank you to them for the care and work they put into him. It really comes through in his sweet demeanor and training.

Just as a side note, Leroy the dog worked out extremely well, but his name didn’t seem to fit our personality. He is now Wrex, and is already, after only 24 hours, responding to his new name.

All in all, we know he was meant for us.