My husband and I are happily married with two boys. We decided we didn’t want any more children, but still our family didn’t feel complete. I was raised with dogs, and I feel very passionately about animals. Noone can love you like your dog does!! It was very important to me that our children felt the love that can be experienced from a dog. So in January, after our oldest turned 7, we started our search for our family dog. We searched online, and took a trip to Evansville PetSmart to get some supplies. Lo and behold, It Takes a Village was in the stores with their wonderful dogs! We talked and played with many dogs, but a sweet little puppy by the name of Malcolm stole our hearts. We made arrangements to pick him up in a week and went home to prepare. We renamed him Max, because he just looked like a Max to us! We have had our sweet boy for 7 months now, and we don’t know how we ever got along without him. He is happy, healthy, and growing so big. Our boys adore him, and he is our forever friend. Thank you so much for helping us find our best friend. He is truly the most kind, loving, obedient dog I have ever had. We love him more than words.