Charlie our German Shepard and Belgium Malinois mix has made our home complete! We adopted our furry friend in 2009. We knew the dog we currently had was going to soon die, if not, we were going to have to put her down. Our household has never been one day without a canine to complete it. We were looking for another dog but we went to the pet store not expecting to adopt that day. We walked in and spotted the dogs from the Humane Society there. We walked over and looked for awhile and saw the loudest and biggest dog there. We immediately fell in love! We asked the volunteer about her and she said, this is honey. She’s two and a girl. Her paw was ran over by a car when she was little and living at a farm. They took her to 5 vets and they all wanted to put her down. The owners were so determined to save her, they took her to one more vet and they said they could save her! We thought that was an amazing story and wanted her even more! But, there was already someone taking her. We waited for a week and came up with the name Charlie during it. The lady called us and said the person who wanted her never came and picked her up. We were so happy and and took her home that day. That was the best 50 dollars we had ever spent. We took her home and she was horrible! She was loud nonstop, chewed up everything, and went to the bathroom in the house! She growled at our family and friends too. We were about to give her away but waited another couple weeks. She finally settled down and we love her to pieces now!!