Today is my first day at my furever home. I make the house hold even in testosterone and estrogen. The girl person (they call her Gracie) decked me out in pink at the store. She calls me Rori. I don’t mind, she loves me. I have two brothers now. The boy person loves to hug me. They call him Joe. My dog brother (Finn) tried to keep up with me. We played for four hours straight. You should see the back yard! We only stopped to eat. I don’t have to worry about him getting in my bowls, he won’t be seen drinking out of pink things. Mommy had to separate us so we could rest. And I think I crashed with in 30 seconds of fluffing my blankets! I am certain I’m going to be just fine here. Finn and I will take great care of these humans together! I will update you all in a couple of weeks, once I get settled and get everyone in there routines!