Happy Tails

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We absolutely love to hear how our dogs are doing in their forever homes! Nothing makes us smile bigger than seeing the dogs we have cared for now happy and healthy in loving homes! The dogs below are just a few of the most recent updates we have received from adopters! If you’d like to share your "Happy Tail from Home," just click here to send it in!

The Adventures of Hankasaurus

Hank (previously known as Mattie) has been quite the addition to our family. We love him and his big personality dearly. He’s grown quite bit (60lbs now), likes to go for walks and occasional jogs, and is always excited to meet new people or other pets. His favorite treats are carrots and peanut butter. He […]

Mike – Spoiled Rotten and loving it.

After a year in our home, Mike is living the good life with lots of attention that he demands. He is the ultimate cuddle bug that loves his 2 walks a day with his senior brother Louie.

Indy (Prince) found his BFF

When Jack died, last year, I was heartbroken. For 12 years, he was my best friend. When he died, there was a void in our house. I felt it, my wife and kids felt it, and our animals felt it. Rey took it especially hard. She wouldn’t eat for 3 days. She would just lay […]

Apollo brings pure joy to my heart!

From the moment that I saw the pictures of Apollo looking so starved & sickly but with a look of trust and relief to be saved, I knew in my heart he was meant to join me & my fur babies. I am forever grateful for all ITV does for so many animals but especially […]


Sammy is doing great. We are glad that we adopted him. We have had now for 3 months.

“Madden” now Rosko has brought so much energy and love to my life!

Rosko came into my life just at the right time. I had just lost my sweet girl of 14 years and didn’t know what to do. My brother and I went to the Home Show and saw Madden’s sweet little face. Fast forward one year and we are best friends running on trails and playing […]

Brindy’s First Adoption Anniversary

Brindy has come so far in a year! She is still timid around new people, but she has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is the sweetest and most calm dog. Brindy loves running outside, napping in the sunshine, and curling up with us on the couch. We are so thankful she has […]

We love Lucy!!❤️

In August we had to put our dog of 9 years down due to histoplasmosis. We knew his paws would be hard to fill, but Lucy has brought us so much joy! She is the perfect fit to our family.


We came looking for a new dog to adopt. And we found a sweet ,gentle dog. She has grown up to be a wonderful girl. We couldn’t image not having her part of our family. We love her very much.

Jose is now Zeus!

I adopted “Jose” from ITV alittle over a year ago. Well, Jose has been called Zeus since and he’s such a blessing! I got him as a puppy and it’s been so much seeing him grow! He’s the sweetest dog ever! He never barks and is content laying in bed for hours as long as […]