Roux is an 11 month old male lab mix. He weighs around 60 pounds. He has a very soft coat, perfect for petting! Roux is good with kids and is a gentle treat-taker. He would do best in a lower traffic home. Roux participates in our rent a dog program and here is what his renters say:
**Roux is such a happy, sweet, energetic boy! He loved his pup cup, walk at the park, and was an excellent car rider! He was also a good boy in public and did not bark at anyone or anything! Thank you so much for letting us take him for a short outing, anyone who adopts him will definitely have an awesome best friend!
**If someone needs a dog who would make you laugh and laugh, Roux is your boy! This little goofball is so curious, he has to smell it all and taste it all, even the dandelion fuzz (he did not like the taste)! He wanted to hold his own leash, wanted to play tug-of-war, and wanted to carry around a stick! He would love someone to roll on the grass with him, going on an adventure with him and teach him all kinds of tricks!