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I am so happy to have found Maverick

We just celebrated Mav’s 5th birthday in October! He has adjusted so well to his new home and I don’t know how I got along before I met this sweet boy.

Bravo(Liam) is lovin’ life!

We have had Bravo, formerly Liam, for almost a year now. He just celebrated his one year birthday last month. He has grown into a very big boy. He is very happy boy and is best friends with previous ITV rescue, Jules!

Cooper LeRoy

We are so thankful for you guys! We are so in love with our baby boy! We were just looking around, and could not turn him down! I can not believe that we got approved so quickly, and we got to take our baby boy home shortly after. We are looking forward to being his […]

We love our Jesse!!

Jesse “Jess” has adjusted well. She is a spunky and sassy protector of her forever home. I’m so proud of her tolerance for little sister Stella’s constant picking and her gentleness to her senior sister Lacy. We absolutly love Jesse to pieces!

Daisy ‘s Tale

Daisy came to us in June of 2017 at about 8 weeks old. Her momma, Leah had been rescued while pregnant and ITV volunteers took care of her and fostered her SEVEN puppies until they could be adopted. Daisy was the runt of the litter and we expected a tiny, docile little lady. Despite the […]

(Yoko) renamed Ella Louise is our sweet puppy girl

Ella Louise has been such a blessing to us! She’s smart, sweet, playful and loves to snuggle. Ella also likes to talk lol. There’s nothing funnier than her loud, long, silly good morning yawns. She was four months old when we adopted her. Ella Louise has been in our family for a year now and […]

Reuben Garcia aka “Fez” livin life

My wife and I adopted Reuben back in June, 2018. He was 8 weeks at the time of. Reuben is the perfect addition to our family. Our two boys try and keep up with him! We look forward to many great times with the big fella. Currently, 7 months old (71 lbs). just a growing […]

Creedy boy (Creed)

Nothing stops this crazy boy. He loves to give kisses, snuggle, play with anything he can get his paws on and run! He has a cart to use during play time but sometimes is stubborn and won’t walk… he’s still learning! Oh yeah and he loves TREATS! Thank you ITV for giving me the best […]

Our beautiful girl Annie!!! ❤️❤️❤️

On September 9, 2018 is when our beautiful girl Annie first captured our hearts! She has been a blessing on so many levels to our family!! I can’t imagine one day without her beautiful soul and presence. She has made our beautiful love story complete. ❤️❤️❤️